Company Profile

subsidiaries: Foshan Shunde Deffolon Non-stick Coating Co., Ltd.

Qingyuan Weichangda Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
: January 4, 2006 was established in Shunde Xingtan seven Jau industrial area, focusing on non-stick coating and ceramic coatings. 
: January 6, 2011 was established in Qingyuan Lianzhou Chemical Industry Park, covers an area of 55 acres, with 12000m2
A class of hazardous chemicals workshop, focusing on high-performance resin and nano-coating.


Innovation, enterprising, sincere, win-win is has been the practice of values.
With a professional team of engineers, standardization and large-scale production management, flexible custom product development model, with a new service-oriented corporate image, committed to become customers of the "second workshop."
has always adhered to the most stringent industry standards in terms of environmental protection and food hygiene. It has not only garden type factories, but also food certification. FDA, ROHS, REACH, LFGB, PAHS, DGCCRF ...

    not only sell paint to produce paint, but also tailor-made for customers a variety of functional coatings, more customers to solve problems and research and development of paint.